AKTEL GROUP Strategic Location
Aktel Group operates in a location that has a high strategic importance in terms of logistics, with the effect of geography.

In addition to its know-how advantages, it offers many advantageous services to its business partners due to its location.

Logistics Location Advantages of Tekirdağ in Import and Export
The geographical location of the city of Tekirdag offers great opportunities for trade between many countries.

We are 144 km and 1.5 hours away from the Bulgarian border from Aktel Group headquarters in Tekirdağ City.

Also, it is 108 km and 1 hour 15 minutes from our border with Greece.

Corlu Airport is 60 km away.

International Istanbul Airport is 139 km and 1 hour 40 minutes away.

We have a large port called Asiaport to use marine logistics anywhere in the world.

For railway logistics, there is a connection from Muratlı to Tekirdağ railway, Access Ro-Ro services and Asyaport.

Turkey's first transit container port (Hubport) which Asiaport, a total of 2010 meters of quay up to 18 meters deep and is located a port on a global scale with an annual capacity to 2.5 million TEU. Asyaport, with its seaway, road and rail connections, makes a great contribution to the business and working life of Tekirdağ, which has developed as a logistics center in its region, with an employment capacity of 1200 people.

Free Trade Zone
It is 55 km and 51 minutes from the European Free Trade Zone in Velimese.

There is the West Marmara Customs Regional Office in Tekirdağ.